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Shared Ownership Critical Illness

Shared Ownership Critical Illness

Shared Ownership Critical Illness plans offer business owners and incorporated business professionals a way to access the retained earnings in their corporation or provide benefits to a key employee.

Protect the business if an owner or key person gets critically ill.  If they don’t get critically ill, the business owner receives the return of the benefit:


  • Corporations
  • Professional Corporations
  • Key Person in a Corporation
  • The executive who has maxed out RRSP or TFSA

What is the Benefit?

  • Protects the business if the owner/key person gets critically ill
  • If the owner/key person doesn’t get critically ill. the business owner receives the return of premium benefit

Case Study of a Male – Age 45, non-smoker

  • Policy: $250,000 Critical Illness Insurance over a 10 year term
  • Premiums: $67,680 = Corporation, $73,370 = Key Person
  • Claim Amounts: Critical Illness = $250,000, No Critical Illness = $138,160

Talk to us to see how we can help you make the most of your shared ownership critical illness plan.  We can further break down this shared ownership and create a unique solution for you.

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