Our primary objective is investment in high quality, high return assets in partnership with our clients, with a focus on asset class diversification in order to spread their exposure. Our unrivaled access to assets and managers, that are not widely available, allow us to offer superior terms and increased market responsiveness for the benefit of our clients.

Our wealth management service strikes the perfect balance between a focus on stable returns and liquid cash flow for new assets.  This helps to reduce the risk of exposure to market forces and creates and maintains profitable gains for our clients.

Rockmoor Wealth Management has created strategic partnerships with portfolio management companies, including, KAI Asset Management. These partnerships attain our goal of an Investor First model for our clientele while diversifying them beyond just a Stock and Bond portfolio.

Professional Portfolio Construction

via KAI Asset Management Inc.


We believe that only through disciplined investment analysis and asset management can a portfolio with characteristics of value and strength be built.


Our investment process accounts for key quantitative and qualitative factors which help us identify companies that exhibit high levels of stability yet maintain a proven ability to grow.


To help achieve this objective we place a high degree of importance on diversification, financial strength, global exposure, and skilled management when building investment portfolios.

These are for illustrative and information purposes only and were created by KAI Asset Management Inc. for the sole purpose of KAI Asset Management Inc clients and one should not take it as investment advice or instruction.


A minimum of $250,000 of total investable assets or current investment accounts are required. Either David LeNeveu or Terry Gwilliam, our Founding Partners, will work with you in conjunction with our Portfolio Managers, who you have engaged for discretionary management services. This will provide a more holistic, personalized, and tailored approach to your overall financial management needs.


Investment accounts with a Portfolio Manager are held by a separate third party custodian. Custodians that are registered as Investment Dealers are covered by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). This covers customers of members for the failure to return securities and cash balances held in the account by a member for a customer (due to fraud or insolvency). The coverage is $1 million for each account entity.


Portfolio managers charge a percentage of the investments they manage. This fee is transparent and, unlike products offered in the mass retail market, not embedded in the cost of securities sold to you.


Portfolio managers provide ongoing management of your investments based on your objectives and risk tolerance as outlined in your Investment Policy Statement.


Your Portfolio Manager is accountable to work in your best interest to make personalized and discretionary investment decisions.

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Our team in Nanaimo has acquired decades of experience specializing in providing quality financial advice in areas of financial planning, investments and insurance. Book a meeting with us to learn how we can help you with your finances.

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Our Expertise

Rather than offer our clients generic, mass-market financial solutions, we work exclusively with a small number of privileged clients who benefit from the expertise of skilled wealth management specialists. With our professional qualifications, we are highly experienced in creating close and trusted partnerships with clients and delivering innovative solutions.

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Disclaimer: The title, Financial Planner, or the performance of financial planning, described as providing objective, integrated and comprehensive advice following an assessment of an individual’s current financial situation and current and future financial needs, except as is required in the performance of the licensee’s duties as a life insurance agent, can only be executed by an individual registered and certified as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

Each individual professional, David LeNeveu, Terry Gwilliam, & Adrian Spitters, have specific designations, professional skills and qualifications. Please ensure to ascertain that the professional(s) you engage with have the designations and qualifications that you seek.

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