There are a number of distinct advantages to working with our wealth management specialists. Here are some of the key benefits:

What You Can Expect


The compensation structure promotes an Investor First model, to not only protect your portfolio, but also to continue growing it into the future


We are committed to transparency in how fees are charged, how performance is reported and how it is communicated with our clients


Personnel at Rockmoor Wealth Management are dedicated to providing priority service and will be readily available via office, email or phone to serve your needs


We consider it a privilege, not a right, to be your wealth manager. Our promise is to continually be thorough and disciplined in our planning approach

Transparent Pricing Structures

The fees that your wealth management specialist charges should be clear and unambiguous. They are detailed on your client statements and agreed upon upfront. Generally speaking, clients pay a percentage of the investments that their wealth management specialist deals with on their behalf. This is often lower than mass-market, retail management costs.

Professional Qualifications and Registration

Your wealth management specialist has obtained a high level of education and numerous designations in order to meet the regulations laid out in this sector. He or she will also be registered and overseen by provincial securities commissions, the organizations that granted the designations and/or their licensing body.

Fiduciary Responsibility

It is a fundamental requirement of our wealth management specialists to act with due care, honesty and professionalism when working on behalf of their clients. It’s imperative that their every action and decision is in the best interest of their clients and that they are completely impartial regarding their own interests.

Designations & Expertise

Our advisors are highly-educated financial professionals with deep knowledge and are committed to providing you with meaningful and up-to-date advice. The designations we have achieved are CIM, FCSICFPCICEA.

Portfolio Management Expertise

Rockmoor Wealth Management has created a strategic partnership with the portfolio management company KAI Asset Management. This partnership attains our goal of an Investor First model for our clientele while diversifying them beyond just a Stock and Bond portfolio.

Take the Next Step

Our team in Nanaimo has acquired decades of experience specializing in providing quality financial advice in areas of financial planning, investments and insurance. Book a meeting with us to learn how we can help you with your finances.

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