Stephanie Burns, Contributor
April 8, 2021


After the year we just had – now is a great time to start a business. The world of work has changed and with it came massive innovation. New social platforms like Clubhouse are here, remote work is the norm and skincare for “maskne” is on the market. It’s never been a better time to jump in with your unique idea.

If you’ve ever had that feeling that you were meant to run your own business, that you want to leave the routine of the 9-5 in search of more freedom and flexibility in your career, now might be the right time. Brooke Voris, AAWP Certified Wedding Planner and CEO of Brooke Voris Weddings , not only has a successful wedding planning business, but also helps other entrepreneurs break into the wedding business.

Brooke shares six entrepreneurial lessons that she had to learn the hard way in hopes that you won’t have to.

How to find your entrepreneurial spirit | Stephanie Burns Maggie McC Photography

Learn How To Adjust To Your Environment

Don’t ever adjust down or lower your standards, but instead, find a creative way to get what you want while being the best version of yourself. Your environment will dictate what is needed in order to move forward, but it should never compromise your integrity or values.

Believe You Are Capable

Never allow someone else to determine your destiny or allow their perception to become your reality. We often have loved ones who adore us and only want the best for us, but their best may not be our version of the best. Stay true to yourself and allow them to have their opinions while you have yours. Remember, one isn’t right or wrong; they are just different.

Trust Yourself

Always tell yourself how amazing you are even when you may not feel it. Don’t think about it, do it. The power of positive thought can change the whole day for you. Entrepreneurs find it easier to beat themselves up instead of giving themselves credit because we never want to disappoint anyone. To know the best path to take in business, remember you have an entrepreneurial spirit to help guide you.

Keep Going, Even If You Fail

This may seem cliche but instead of spending precious time looking for inspirational quotes to make you feel better, make better use of that time by analyzing what it would have taken to win and do that next time. You can learn from mistakes, so use errors in your favor to break out of that pattern and find a better option for yourself.

Never Allow Yourself To Get Stuck

Be a forward thinker and remind yourself there isn’t any room in your brain for doubt no matter how hard it fights to get in. This is the perfect example of how surrounding yourself with like-minded people will help you push through. Always remind yourself to think about what caused you to go on this journey in the first place and make the plan for your next move.

Be Present

You have to enjoy the ride even when business gets tough, or it seems like you may get thrown off entirely. Entrepreneurs are the strongest people and most resilient. You will know heartbreak and failure, and that will make success all the more enjoyable. Try to remain in the moment as much as possible.