Retirement Calculator

How much should I save for retirement? What is my retirement savings goal? Will my retirement savings last? Each person’s answers to these questions will be different. It all depends on a person’s current situation and retirement goals. Use this simple calculator to find out how much you need to save for retirement and if you’re on track to meet your retirement savings goals.

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2021 RRSP Calculator

How much will I save each year by using RRSPs? Use this simple calculator to calculate the tax savings your RRSP contributions will generate in each province in Canada. 

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2021 Tax Calculator

What is my tax rate? Use this calculator to calculate the total combined Provincial and Federal amount of tax you pay each year based on your income. It will also display your average and marginal tax rates.

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Budget Calculator

Need to make an easy budget or a way to track your expenses? Use this calculator to create and track your current budget. Get a clear picture of your cash flow and determine how much you can save to achieve your investment and retirement goals.

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Life Insurance Needs Calculator

How much life insurance do I need? Use this simple calculator to help determine how much life insurance you may actually need to protect your family and loved ones.

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Small Business Limit Calculator

How will the new tax rules affect my Small Business Tax Rate? Use this calculator to see how your passive corporate income affects your small business reduction limit.

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