Business owners can be extremely busy… they’re running a successful business, wearing lots of hats and making a ton of decisions. We’ve put together a list of 10 essential decisions for business owners to consider at some point in their career.  These important and tough decisions are everything from considering the corporate structure to retirement and succession planning.  The 10 essential decisions we talk about in this video are:

  • The best structure for your business (ex. Sole Proprietor, Corporation, Partnership)

  • Reduce taxes

  • What to do with surplus cash

  • Build employee loyalty

  • Reduce risk

  • Deal with the unexpected

  • Retire from your business

  • Sell your business

  • Keep your business in the family

  • What to do when you’re retired

It’s often difficult to figure out the steps and find the support to make these challenging business choices without support from a professional planner.  As financial advisors, Rockmoor Wealth is uniquely positioned to help business owners with any of the ’10 essential decisions for business owners’ and many more.  Contact us to talk to about your unique situation and we can provide the guidance you need to make these decisions smooth and easy.